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Garden Ridge Animal Hospital - Lewisville, TX - Our Staff

Garden Ridge Animal Hospital - Lewisville, TX - Our groomer Monica!Monica:
Monica has been at Garden Ridge Animal Hospital since 2005, she is our All-Breed Dog and Cat Groomer as well as our Camp Manager(Kennel).  She has 2 cats (Snooki and Vinny), a precious "cheerleader" daughter, a son, and a  beautiful grand-daughter that occupies her time. Her hobbies include an active involvement in her church and a sincere love for animals.
Garden Ridge Animal Hospital - Lewisville, TX - Our receptionist K.C., she is also our exotics whisperer!K.C.:

K.C.  is a receptionist and veterinary assistant. She graduated from NCTC in 2009 with AS degree in Equine Science and Graduated from UNT in 2011 with BAAS degree minoring in Anthropology and Non-Profit management. She enjoys barrel racing competitively in the north Texas area with her quarter horses Timex and Vegas, and has another Beau that is retired. She also has two dogs JJ (boxer/lab) and Cee Baby (heeler mix). She spends any free time she can helping at a local therapeutic riding center for people with disabilities called Stable Strides Farm.



Meet our Newest Clinic Pet!

Dotticus: She is a 6month-1yr old Leopard Gecko who came to us from Petco with an injured eye and underweight.  After lots of TLC she is gaining weight and growing like a weed. Her eye is completely healed and she is feisty. She and Spot are best friends. She loves to eat wax worms.

Spoticus is a 19 year old leopard gecko that was given to us by a good client. He is very sweet and doing well in his new home! Leopard geckos are native to Central Asia, Pakistan, and Northern India. Their diet in the wild is of various insects which is best mimicked in captivity by feeding gut-loaded crickets, meal worms, wax worms, and superworms that are dusted with a vitamin D3 and calcium powder.  They can grow to almost 11 inches long and weigh 65grams.